Nongshim Gamjatang Myun/농심 감자탕면


Well this one turned out to be a swing and a miss.. although good idea and looks good for trying to make “Potato Soup” in context of noodle – end up not tasting much like that though..

(BTW this is still one of the great mystery how this pork bone soup with potato got the name of potato soup-  in context of instant noodle.)

Anyhow this attempt failed to convey the taste of “pork bone” (aka tonkotsu) nor failed to make the noodle taste good…

이름이 신기해 사본 감자탕면… 감자탕을 라면으로??? 허나 대실패인듯.. 색만 비슷하지 감자탕도 라면도 아닌 어정쩡이 되어버렸다.. 감자탕의 뼈맛도 없고, 결국 라면의 식감 및 풍미도 살리지 못한 아쉬움이 가득이다..


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