Alaska Airlines Flight AS16 Seattle to Orlando



2553Miles – might be the 2nd longest flight from Seattle to any place in 48 states. (The longest one is the one we took upon return from Ft. Lauderdale..) & Spring break started!


206 Cheesestake Burger at Blue Moon Burger


As a big fan of Philly Cheese Steak, I had a huge expectation when I saw this 206 Cheesestake as a special menu at Blue Moon.

Well – overall not bad- but not so fascinating either. I still believe the best of any kind of  Philly Cheese Steak I had was actually the one in DC, Georgetown back in 1999. And, I had only been to Philladelpiha once for a half day only when I was a hungry college student – McDonald’s was enought at then, so didn’t have any chance to taste Philly Cheese steak in Philly. 🙂