Taylor Shellfish Farms @ Bow, WA & Camping at Burlington KOA


여름이 사라지기전에 간 주말 캠핑… 뭐할까 고민하다가 근처에 유명한 굴/조개 양식 회사의 레스토랑이 아닌 가게가 있다기에 찾아갔다…

아직도 공식적으로는 해산물 알러지가 있는 내가 살다살다 이리 석화굴 가장 많이 먹은날로 기억될 날… 배터지게 석화 굴 생으로 까먹고, 챠코에 구워먹고, 조개도 와인에 졸여 먹고 구이덕도 먹고….

아무것도 없는 바닷가에 덩그라니 양식장과 shop건물에서 해산물을 팔고, 사고 나와서 직접 까먹는 구조.. 한켠엔 bench와 그릴도 있고 해서 기본적인 준비(우리가 준비한건 조리용 와인과 후라이팬, 타바스코 소스, 레몬, 챠코, 그릴 도구)를 해가면 적당한 가격에 마음대로 먹을수 있음…ㅎㅎ

4가족(어른8, 그리고 엄청나게 뜬금포로 쉬지않고 엄청 조개 먹었던 어린이 2인.. 🙂 -애들은 안 거의 먹지 않을거란 예상을 아주 크게 비웃어 주신 두분이 계셨음..ㅎㅎ)이 배터지게 굴 조개 먹고 $150 이하로 나오면 잘 나온거겠지?

Another camping weekends but enjoyed a lot with fresh oysters and clams – incredible freshness with unbelievable price at Taylor Shellfish Farms at Bow, WA. Taylor Shellfish is famous for their oyster bars in Seattle, but going to their “Retail” store was an eye opening experience.

Pretty simple setting -they just sell shellfish and borrow you the shellfish opener and have table/bench outside of store with charcoal grill. All others are up to visitors to bring.

2182 Chuckanut Drive
Bow, WA 98232




Willapa Bay





Last camping of 2014 at South Bend/Bay Center, WA

Interesting – town is famous for Speedtrap

South Bend is a city in Pacific County, Washington, United States. It is the county seat[6] of Pacific County. The population was 1,637 as of the 2010 census. The town is widely known for its oysters and scenery, but is better known as a speed trap for locals due to the lack of tourism.[7]

[from Wikipedia – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Bend,_Washington ]


Well obviously this town had too many changes in speed limit in short area and I remember there was a police car staring at every driver. 🙂