Kirkland Marina at sunset from Anthony’s Homeport

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주인님 생신 맞아 방문한 Kirkland Marina옆의 Anthony’s Homeport

아무래도 Seattle일대의 Seafood Restaurant중에선 Ivar’s와  여기가 제일 좋은 듯 싶다.


Great Happy Hour menu (5-7PM or after 9PM) with lots of selection – highly recommended!

Getting nice view and reasonable food with reasonable price without reservation will be hard to beat…

135 Lake St S, Kirkland, WA 98033




Willapa Bay





Last camping of 2014 at South Bend/Bay Center, WA

Interesting – town is famous for Speedtrap

South Bend is a city in Pacific County, Washington, United States. It is the county seat[6] of Pacific County. The population was 1,637 as of the 2010 census. The town is widely known for its oysters and scenery, but is better known as a speed trap for locals due to the lack of tourism.[7]

[from Wikipedia –,_Washington ]

Well obviously this town had too many changes in speed limit in short area and I remember there was a police car staring at every driver. 🙂


Daytrip to Beaverton, OR – Good Open-Box Dishwasher Hunting

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Embarked a trip to Oregon to hunt for a “hard to find” Bosch Dishwasher at Washington

– There was no ideal dishwasher within our budget in Washington – only found out Sears outlet at Portland and Best Buy at Beaverton has it…

– Wondered for 1 hour during midnight to attempt or not and decided to check it out by going there: risk was returnning without any gains after hours of driving back and forth.

– Extra cost: $50-$60 Fuel+car mileage dep. plus some time and effort to drive for round trip for unknown results. (but my time is cheap). Also this means I have to haul-away the old one by myself since it is outside of “delivery & pickup”range. Also, I cannot get installation service or need to hire someone to get installed. (Thank you youtube!!…)

– Savings: $250 from buying an open box- though it has little dent, about $100 for “forced” DIY Installation – because of the reaon stated above, also around some savings for sales tax (Thank you state of Oregon!)

Extra gain is seeing/bypassing Nike’s HQ.. 🙂 hearing quite dishwasher running after 7 hours of round trip driving and 1 hour of uninstall & install DIY – priceless..