Kirkland Marina at sunset from Anthony’s Homeport

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주인님 생신 맞아 방문한 Kirkland Marina옆의 Anthony’s Homeport

아무래도 Seattle일대의 Seafood Restaurant중에선 Ivar’s와  여기가 제일 좋은 듯 싶다.


Great Happy Hour menu (5-7PM or after 9PM) with lots of selection – highly recommended!

Getting nice view and reasonable food with reasonable price without reservation will be hard to beat…

135 Lake St S, Kirkland, WA 98033




Microsoft Executive Briefing Center & Conference Center


역시 말은 제주로, 사람은 서울로, Microsoft직원은 Redmond로…

One fine autumn day in Redmond campus.


Willapa Bay





Last camping of 2014 at South Bend/Bay Center, WA

Interesting – town is famous for Speedtrap

South Bend is a city in Pacific County, Washington, United States. It is the county seat[6] of Pacific County. The population was 1,637 as of the 2010 census. The town is widely known for its oysters and scenery, but is better known as a speed trap for locals due to the lack of tourism.[7]

[from Wikipedia –,_Washington ]

Well obviously this town had too many changes in speed limit in short area and I remember there was a police car staring at every driver. 🙂


Daytrip to Beaverton, OR – Good Open-Box Dishwasher Hunting

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Embarked a trip to Oregon to hunt for a “hard to find” Bosch Dishwasher at Washington

– There was no ideal dishwasher within our budget in Washington – only found out Sears outlet at Portland and Best Buy at Beaverton has it…

– Wondered for 1 hour during midnight to attempt or not and decided to check it out by going there: risk was returnning without any gains after hours of driving back and forth.

– Extra cost: $50-$60 Fuel+car mileage dep. plus some time and effort to drive for round trip for unknown results. (but my time is cheap). Also this means I have to haul-away the old one by myself since it is outside of “delivery & pickup”range. Also, I cannot get installation service or need to hire someone to get installed. (Thank you youtube!!…)

– Savings: $250 from buying an open box- though it has little dent, about $100 for “forced” DIY Installation – because of the reaon stated above, also around some savings for sales tax (Thank you state of Oregon!)

Extra gain is seeing/bypassing Nike’s HQ.. 🙂 hearing quite dishwasher running after 7 hours of round trip driving and 1 hour of uninstall & install DIY – priceless..