나름 좋아하는 sports영화에 좋아하는 Matt Damon(아 본 씨리즈..ㅋ)에 Morgan Freeman(아 쇼생크 탈출!!!!) 까지 나와 구매한 영화…

뭐 아주 감동적이지도… 아주 재미없지도 않은 잔잔한 영화였는듯 싶다..


Work out

Believe or not I was not feeling good on my shape, so I started daily workout at corp gym…(another small way to max out the benefit..^^)
My invention, the program I named 3-3-3; at least 3 miles, 300 calories, 30 min seems to be working…..however finally it ate up my left knee…;( ouch!
And severe knee pain on one side only broke my balance, resulting in stiffness at thaw other side of the hip and shoulder…ToT
What a sad story, but I will start the rehab soon