Chicago 가서 점심 먹고 오는 당일치기…^^

어제 갑자기 예전 Boss께서 Chicago에 출장나왔다 돌아가는데 “Chicago 시내에서 3시간이 있다”는 명령(?)을 받고 고민하다가 혼자 운전하고 왕복하기는 너무 힘들 듯해서 고민하다가… 비행기표값이 reasonable하길래 비행기로 왕복하는 만행(?)을 저질렀다..

– 아침에 세수하고 곧장 Detroit공항으로 고고싱..(30분)

– 주차하고 검색대 통과 및 탑승수속 대기 (40분)

– Chicago Midway Airport 행 Northwest 탑승 (40분)

– Orange Line MTA 탑승.. (오 Chicago에서 지하철을 타다니..ㅋㅋ) 25분즈음(?)

– Chicago Circle에서 Brownline으로 환승 (환승까지..ㅋㅋ)후 다시 한 30분 쯤 타주시고..

– Irving Park Station 에서 하차 후  20분 걸어…

– Chicago에가면 항상 들르는 그곳…… “조선옥”도착. 오후 1시 도착. (하..차없이 조선옥 가기도 가능함..^^ v~)

그리고 미리 알려드린대로 boss접선 및 차돌백이 시식…(T_T 아 정말 최고야…) 및 이야기를 나누다.. 시계를 보니 어여 3시 반..

급히 택시잡아 boss와 함께 O’Hare로 출발.. 및 4시 도착

그리고 United terminal에서 작별 인사.. 4:30분

다시 난 Detroit로.. 결국 6시반경 공항 도착 7시 집에 도착..

그 수없이 가는 Chicago, 부담없이 혹은 짐 가방없이 타니 좋구만..^^

에휴~ 그래도 조선옥에서 싸온 김치 볶음밥은 다시 먹어도 맛좋다..ㅋㅋ



Southwest Airlines

MBA시간 첫 case였던 Southwest Airelines 드디어 타본다…

뭐 고속버스모델이다.. 🙂 Detroit 공항에서 줄서서 탔다…-.-;



완행버스(?)답게 당연히 갈아타야한다? 험 암튼 여긴 Chicago Midway Airport 그동안 O’Hare만 가봤는데 이게 바로 secondary small & close to city airport군 싶다..

다시 타고 이번엔 최종 목적지 Austin으로..




도착해보니 완전히 다른 풍경이다.. 놀라운건 짐 찾는 곳에 대문짝만하게 Welcome to Austin 삼성 광고가 대문짝만하게 있다..햐


Detroit to Austin vis Chicago



학교 신문중에….

By: Seong Yoon, MBA1

Issue date: 1/23/06
Section: Day in the Life
I visited Defiance Test Engineering Services, a subsidiary of GenTek, on December 9, 2005. I spent the whole day with Ms. Diana Roggenbauer, MBA ’93, who was CFO of Defiance Testing & Engineering Services. She also worked on corporate finance for the parent company, GenTek.
I had a chance to join the meeting on the sales forecasting. I also learned about Ms. Roggenbauer’s main tasks related to corporate finance, including SOX compliance of subordinating companies, and selling process of some other subsidiary company of GenTek.
The company was in a process of “turnaround” and restructuring. During that period, she had various kinds of tasks to cover, including managing the performance of the subsidiary. The company had a difficult time turning around its business, and the turned toward finding new sources of growth.
I was curious to learn the actual work of corporate finance and Ms. Roggenbauer kindly explained her role and her routine controlling tasks. She also shared recent information on Ann Arbor life and we had a great chat as she recalled her memories on her life in Ann Arbor and comparing it with mine.
GenTek is not a big company nor does it operate in charming industries. It is a general manufacturing company with many subsidiaries. From what Ms. Roggenbauer described, the company was suffering from a result of failure on past investments. Within this company, Ms. Roggenbauer’s role was more flexible and she had more authority in designing her work. She was happy with her work, even though it was not a lesser-known smaller to medium company where she could apply her experience while she was in business school.
Finally, she told me she was a participant of DITL when she was at Ross and her participation as an alumnus came from a desire to give back to school. It was great to see the strong connection of Michigan network could foster.