Finding Lost Mattress

Everything has arrived in Seattle in perfect manner exact shape except one stuff Missed In Action. That one stuff being our mattress.. -_-;;

After endless calls to here and there, talking to these and those people, we found out…..

1) The mattress did not have a tracking sticker! (Dope!!!!)
2) However, was shipped to Seattle, but not included in final delivery because of not having tracking number.

Then, we found out that poor mattress traveled back around the US and finally is located at Orlando!! The other side of this country!! Ah!!

So this is the picture I got to confirm whether this is mine or not, and finally I said Yes with tears (^^)
Looks like it will take 2 weeks again to have it but welcome back to home my lovely mattress..


New Place, New Life: Seattle!!

어느덧 새생활을 시작한지도 3주…

모든것을 새로한다는 심정으로 버티기 하고 있슴당..^^
좋은 점이 있다면.. 철저한 Work Life Balance.. 즉, 일은 무지하게 빡세긴 한데 개인 시간은 철저히 보장되네요..


자 못썼던 말 이어서….

여기는 미국 북서쪽 땅끝마을.. 한편으론 자칫 우울해질뻔한 막장 인생 구해준 고마운 곳이다.. 이제 진짜 땅끝이니 지정학적으로도 밀려날 곳이없다! 🙂