Well all of sudden, I just came to a decision to close my old cyworld which I hardly visit anyhow.. plus couple of postings I made thru naver blog..(Maybe once in a half year?) So I am migrating some of those postings in here… 🙂 so expect to see some really old postings….

Also, decided not to have ads anymore.. was a nice journey to understand advertisement oriented business model, but this is still my personal space… 🙂


Finally another Seattle thing going away…

… Speechless Sunday afternoon started with strange e-mail from corporate communication starting with “Important Message…”


Every company I have worked has engaged in any kind of transaction or key changes in shareholder structure…
Accenture: went IPO in 2001
PwC: Sold consulting business in 2002 to IBM
Atrica: The company I did my MBA internship, and acquired by Nokia-Siemens Networks after I finished working at there..
and finally T-Mobile…
Who wants their company either IPOed or sold? Hire me…. 🙂
Expecting fun summer times at Seattle here…(Hope this is not the last summer in Seattle!)