Mariner’s Game @ Safeco Filed

Had been to Mariner’s game for the first time!!!

Couple of remarks…
– Not all Asians visitors to Safeco Field are Japanese: Everybody was trying to speak Japanese to me…. 😦 (Come on! I am KOREAN!!!!!)
– Richie Saxson should go home….:(
– Erik Bedard was a disaster….
– The great things: Ballpark’s cover on Rain & Garlic Fries….:)

@Safco Field, Seattle

Hello Seaworld San Diego!

숙원사업 San Diego Seaworld 방문… 드디어 Grand Slam(?)을 이루었다.. 예전부터 Southern California의 유명 Theme Park 한번씩 다 가보게 되었다..아..

근데 Disneyland는 너무 어려서 기억이 가물가물…-.-;

신기한건.. Seaworld의 owner가 budwiser였다.. (그래서 theme park임에도 불구하고 맥주를 엄청 판다 싶었다..)