Sangaria Royal Milk Tea


아무래도 내가 좋아하던 진하고 달달한 맛은 Royal Milk Tea였는듯…. 🙂

Nice tea bringing me back the old memories of touring around Tokyo 🙂



AS441: Burbank to Portland


AS441: Burbank to Portland

Riding on Eskimo Face again but stopped at Portland because of cheaper airfare to get Stumptown Coffee as there is no sales tax at Oregon from its hometown 🙂

올때는 비행기 값이 싸다는 이유로  스텀프타운 커피를 구지 Seattle에도 있지만 Oregon은 sales tax가 없으니까 쌀거란 이유로 나름 본고장에서 사야한다는 이유로 포틀랜드에 들렸다..ㅎㅎㅎ 아 찌질한 인생…



Dunkin Donuts: Bottled Coffee Original


흠… 좋네… Dunkin에서 파는 것보다 더 괜찮았는듯…. (근데 Dunkin Coffee를 먹어본지가 하도 오래되어서.. – 시애틀에는 없슴다..ㅎ)

Dunkin Donut’s bottled coffee – this is great that we have more choices on bottled coffee 🙂 The only problem is it has been so long that I cannot compare this with the actual coffee from Dunkin Donuts. Maybe the last time I had was ~10 years ago in Boston..


Family Seoul Tour#2: Paul Bassett Coffee & Sangha Farm Ice Cream


Family Seoul Tour#2: Paul Bassett Coffee & Sangha Farm Ice Cream

and the nice rewards given to whom sustained the hard trip on steaming summer day at 1st floor of Microsoft Korea..

흐어…이거 또한 정말 맛졌다..



Terarosa Coffee & Baek Mi Dang Ice Cream @Seojong Yangpyung/테라로사 & 백미당 @서종


Stopped at Terarosa coffe but failed to order -missed the last call by few mins!!, but enjoyed the milky ice cream from Baek Mi Dang

밥먹고 그 유명한 테라로사 커피를 갔으나 가게만 구경하고.. 대신 맛진 백미당 아이스크림을 먹고왔다..