Vancouver Waterfront & Downtown


첫 사진은 Google Photo Panorama 🙂 오랜만에 간 Vancouver 죽도록 먹다왔다…

First photo credit goes to Google Photos Panorama feature.. 🙂 Drive, eat, walk & sleep is all have done for 1 night up in North.



Whistler, British Columbia

It took 12 years to realize the dream of visiting this place which triggered by this music video. – Was happy enough though the season was totally different.

아 나를 달구었던 이요원 신하균 차승원 주연의 포지션-I Love You 뮤직 비디오.. 이거 보고 여기 Whistler 한번 꼭 가봐야지 했는데… 드디어 소원성취…T_T 언제가 될진 모르지만 Seattle떠나기 전에 꼭 해보고 싶던 것 중 하나를 달성했다…