Grouse Mountain


Went to Grouse Mountain for Christmas day – few things I learned as first time visitor

  • Don’t have to worry about mountain driving – Cable car will bring you up to near peak of the mountain but this means a backlog on return down.
  • Due to the height things are totally different up at there although it is extremely close to the city – nice snow up at there
  • You gotta ride till the sunset at least + night ski give you the scenic view

Vancouver에서는 Cypress만 세번 갔었는데 이번엔 Grouse – 도시에서 가까운 훌륭한 스키장.. 기대이상으로 좋았던 설질과 죽이는 경치를 보고 스키를 탔다. 실력은 황이어도 주위 가까운곳에 환경이 좋아서 겨울 스포츠 호강은 계속되는구나..



Facebook Advertised False Jersey Shop Site


“The most funny internet thing of the year to me” happened today with one of the advertisement at my facebook. TLDR; False NFL jersey site obviously made from China was trying to fish me but just gave me a big laugh..

  • funny name of ShaunELITE Gaming’s posting… Huh?
  • Price of $29.9? You gotta be kidding me – if you want to promote your price, you usually advertise the price as either $29.99 or $29.90 not “$29.9” – this sounds like ‘off the boat’ (Yes I am one of the ‘off the boat’ although took an airplane….)
  • “Book Now” button at advertisement… booking what?
  • Site address was and further clicking the site’s various page showed .html page – haha this is so 90s
  • ‘Contact Us’ page showed two email addresses – one from domain name of & one gmail address telling me “obviously I am a Chinese gmail user- maybe born at 1989” 🙂
  • ‘About Us’ page has typo on its own site name as “” and Under Armour is one word like “UnderArmour”

This ad and this ridiculously made fake site made my busy day LOL… 🙂

After big laughing – then “sadly” I was wondering whether this is the product of detailed scientific targeting – targeting someone who looked NFL (yesterday was MNF so I looked lots of Seahawks news) on the browser and whose English skills might be challenging..? Ah.. wait a sec – is it me? 🙂

Facebook에 말도 안되는 가격에 Black Friday 광고가 떠서 보다 빵터지게 웃었다…

일단 이름도 웃긴

  • ShaunELITE Gaming이름으로 posting
  • 가격이 29.9불 이란다.. 29.99도 아니고 29.90도 아니고..
  • Facebook 광고의 버튼도 “Learn More”도 아니고 “Shop Now”도 아니고 “Book Now” 란다…뭘 예약해야하나욤?
  • 그래서 간 주소는 site address에 .html나오는 쌍팔년도 각 보소..
  • Contact Us를 봤더니 NFL official이라믄서 주소 혹은 gmail 주소.. 아마 89년생 후이린빙씨가 작업한듯..ㅎㅎ
  • About Us도 가관.. 설명 중 심지어 자기네 web page 주소도 틀리게 써놓고…ㅋㅋㅋ UnderArmour 는 Under (space) Armour인데…

신나게 웃고 나니 갑자기 이게 고도의 타케팅 – 어리버리한 영어 못하는 아시안을 타겟으로 한 광고일수도 있다는 생각에 갑자기 서글퍼지고 소름졌다..우씨…


Blow out to Norte Dame is always…


a great day for all Michigan Football! 🙂 This sort of relaxing & exciting game has been a while… If you cannot be No/1 – just focus on beating the rivalries and “sprinkle the pepper flours to their party” 🙂

아주 오랜만에 즐겁게 본 Michigan Football..어차피 1등 못할거면 main rivalry한테 고추가루나 뿌리는게 제일 신난다..


Word Series 2019


Maybe one of the best world series going on… both games, 1st and 2nd, are impressive enough.. Wonder when will be the time Mariners will be in this spot.. 😦

1차전: 대단하다… 슈어저는 윽~하고 헉헉+끙끙대면서 -매회 주자를 내보내에도- 겨우겨우 버티면서 던진 반면 우리 무표정한 콜선생 잘 던졌음에도 불구하고 무너졌다..

이건뭐 공이 너무 좋으니 그냥 속구만 와라 하고 노리고 빨리치는 것 밖에 답이 없는듯한데 그걸 20살 신인이 해낸듯….

2차전: 분명 2:2에서 봐서 3:2까지 6/7회를 봤는데 못보다 다시 켰더니 ㅎㄷㄷ 뭔일이 있었던거지?

뱀발로 매리너스는 언제 이 수준으로?




Madden NFL 18: Longshot

Madden NFL 18 (2)Madden NFL 18

Game recap of last spring: Madden NFL 18 Storymode: Longshot – nice and touching story and continued the success of FIFA story mode into Madden. Well my life also has been a continuation of longshots 🙂

지난 봄에 아주 열심히 해주셨던 Madden 시리즈의 첫 스토리 모드 게임 롱샷.. 하긴 내 인생도 롱샷이었다..ㅎㅎ


The Carter Effect


Nice sports documentary on Vince Carter and Toronto – how he changed the city, even somewhat the nation with basketball. Now, the Canadian “Carter kids” are playing in NBA.

TMac과함께 제일 좋아했던 농구 아티스트 VC. 웃긴 이야기지만 나도 MBA나올때 UNC에 지원했던 이유중 하나는 Vince Carter였다…ㅎㅎㅎ