Zoka @Kirkland, WA

3촌이 아니고 Zoka

Nice coffee shop at downtown Kirkland…however i still prefer Caffe Ladro…
@Zoka in Kirkland, WA

John Wayne Orange County Airport


Surprised that everybody is calling this airport in different names John Wayne, Santa Ana, Anaheim, Irvine, OC etc… Why don’t they call it Disneyland Airport?


@John Wayne Airport, Orange County

Trip to LA: LA Disneyland

After 29 years since last visit…finally revisited LA Disneyland…
Had a fun ride, especially being on a car driven by my son as I did for my dad back in 29 years ago, kids loved to be out there…
Thougt we need to come down often if condition permits…
🙂 Disney is always fun…
@Disneyland California, Anaheim, CA