Trip to Missouri & Iowa


Ann Arbor, MI to Columbia, MO via St. Louis: 10.5 Hours

I-94 West to I-80 West to I-55 South to I-70 West to US-63 South


Columbia, MO to Ames, IA: 5.5 Hours

I-70 West to I-435 North to I-35 North to I-235 East to I-35 North to US-30 West


Ames, IA to Ann Arbor, MI via Chicago: 7.5 Hours

US-30 East to I-35 South to I-80 East to I-88 East to I-355 South to I-80 East to I-94 East

Stopped over at newly opened IKEA πŸ™‚







Ames & Des Moines IA in 2005

μ–Όλ§ˆλ§Œμ— λ³΄λŠ” I-35 I-80인가?

마침 Kansas Cityμ—μ„œ Iowa둜 λ“€μ–΄κ°€λŠ” 길에 μžˆλŠ” visitor center에 λ“€λ € 지도 νšλ“..뭐 μ§€λ„μƒμœΌλ‘œ λ΄μ„œλŠ” 7λ…„μ „μ΄λž‘ λ³„λ‘œ λ³€ν•œκ±΄ μ—†λŠ”λ“― ν•˜λ‹€.


Mississippi River at I-80/I-88 Rest Area

μΏΌλ“œ μ‹œν‹° 동넀… λ―Έμ‹œμ‹œν”Όκ°•μ„ 사이에 두고 μ΄μ•„μ˜€μ™€ 일리노이 4개 λ„μ‹œλ₯Ό λ¬Άμ–΄ λΆ€λ₯΄λŠ” 이름인데… μ§„μ§œ μ—¬κΈ°λ₯Ό λ‹€μ‹œ 였게 λ˜λ‹€λ‹ˆ…

Quad Cities!! Yes I remember this riverside area!



정말이지 λ‚΄κ°€ λ‹€μ‹œ μ—¬κΈ°μ™€λ³΄κ²Œ 될쀄은 κΏˆμ—λ„ λͺ°λžλ‹€…

κ΅ν™˜ν•™μƒ μ™”λ‹€ λ– λ‚œμ§€ 7λ…„λ§Œ.. 좔얡이 νŒŒλ…ΈλΌλ§ˆλ‘œ 머리속에 μ§€λ‚˜κ°„λ‹€…

Glad to see you again Ames, Iowa…