History in Closet Cleanup: 옷장 정리


옷장 정리중 발견한 유물급들 옷… 다 사연있는 옷들이다… 2006년 월드컵 경기보러 갔다가 San Jose에서 받은 Helio 티, 2010년 T-Mobile시절 Promo티, 2010년 삼성 갤럭시 S 첫모델 출시때 회사에서 받은 티, 그리고 1999년 대학4학년때 시애틀에 학교 행사 왔다가 잠옷을 안챙겨와 U District Bookstore에서 급하게 산 헐렁이 반바지.. (이때 이렇게 될줄 알았나…ㅎㅎ)

All historic shirts and pant found out during closet cleanup – Helio from 2006 Worldcup watching event, 2010 T-mobile Kids are Free shirt during T-mobile Add-a-line promo, 2010 Samsung Galaxy S-T-mobile launch shirt, UW pants I bought at University Bookstore at the Ave in 1999 as a event visiting student (and found out I didn’t bring my pajama pants) – never imagined I end up living at here 🙂



The Foreigner


The Foreigner – Watched nice movie with free VUDU credit T-Mobile Tuesday. 🙂 Long story short – spoiler – Jackie Chan takes revenge to IRA terrorists after getting rejected from multiple asks for help. 🙂 Fear & don’t ignore the Asian! 🙂 haha 

가을인데 성룡영화가 땡기던 시절 개봉되었으나 타이밍을 놓쳐서 못봤던 The Foreigner. 어차피 오락영화라 이걸 나중에 돈 다주고 보기엔 좀 그래서… 암튼 T-Mobile Tuesday VUDU 공짜 영화 Credit받아 봤다..ㅎㅎㅎ

전에 수많은 풍파를 격고 London에서 조용히 지내시는 월남화교 출신인 성룡이형, IRA 딸을 폭탄 테러로 잃고 배후를 찾아보려는데 주위에서 도와주지 않으니 직접해결하러 나서신다..

감독이 007시리즈를 한 영화라 그런지 아무래도 007+성룡 영화가 됬다..ㅎㅎ

한줄 요약: 성룡이형을 화나게 하지 마라…

🙂 한편 여전히 Irish accent가 나오는 영어는 쉽지않다..OTL…ㅎㅎㅎ



Xbox Game Pass


Xbox Game Pass

This was the one kept me busy during last 2-3 months – finally came to earth at late of last month.

Anyone in US using T-Mobile can get 1 month of free service with T-Mobile Tuesday – need to redeem by end of day though.. My old job meets my current job.. 🙂

최근 몇달간 ( 그리고 아직도..:)) 나를 괴롭혔던 서비스가 드디어 개시된지도 대략 3주… 자꾸 신생아의 발톱을 보고 애가 어른이 될 때 발싸이즈가 얼마나 될지를 물어보는 사람들이 많아 괴롭다..ㅋㅋㅋ

미국에서 T-Mobile을 쓰는 사람중 Xbox One이 있는 사람은 “”오늘(6/13)”” T-Mobile Tuesday에 한달 무료 코드가 떴으니 어여 무료 감상하시얍….



Samsung Galaxy S8+


Awesome new device.. well every new device is awesome anyhow..

Good battery, convenient face recognition (though it doesn’t always work) and big screen and nice curve edge experience.

First Samsung Android device after Exhibit 4G back at 2011(Uh?) 🙂

애지중지하며 쓰던 LG V10이 통화불능 수준까지 이르시는 단계로 운명을 다하셔서… 흑흑…  (별로 전화도 안오는데 거는 사람마다 불만들이 높으셔서…) 새로 거금을 들여 장만한 스맛폰… 삼성의 Exhibit 4G 이후로 손으로 들어와 주신 첫 삼성 스마트폰 되시겠음…

(그간 득템했던 삼성 스마트폰들은 주로 선물용이나 wife님께 봉헌해드린 용도였던 관계로..)

배터리 기능좋고 display좋고, 안면인지 홍채인지는 모르겠지만 인식도 편하고 – 단 하나 불편한건 내 주위의 모든 usb plugin들이 micro USB였는데 이게 3.0으로 바뀌어서 ebay에 아답터 대량 주문…-.-;

좋네… 🙂




Interesting conversation with T-Mobile Retail Store Rep

Well.. it was a funny discussion – “know your enemy if you are trying poke something”..

I went to T-Mobile store at company’s campus and this is how the conversation went..

Me: I want to add 2 lines on my account

Rep: How long will you have it?

Me: not sure but maybe 2-3 months for the visitors?

Rep: Then, why don’t you go with prepaid with $50 per line?

This was the moment I felt this guy was trying to make crap out of me, but I smiled (nice and reasonable try so far..)

  • $20 for 2 line with basic data vs $100 for similar (maybe more data?)
  • Well, obviously I am on Microsoft discount plan and I am clever enough to know prepaid doesn’t qualify for that while my postpaid gets discount..

Then, this guy threw another bomb – and started to make me think the integrity of this guy – at me by saying if I go to prepaid he can waive the activation fee.

  • Well I am again clever enough to know there is no activation fee in Prepaid
  • BTW there is no Activation fee at all maybe just SIM kit fee
  • He said it is hard to get 2 lines cancel after 3 month and you need to have the line active for 120 days.. WTF – this is so 90s tactic done by spooky dealers I knew in past..

So, I was wondering whether I should reveal my background or shout back to his bullshit that he is talking commission charge back. Anyhow I simply started at him for a moment & other reps…and everybody was avoiding my eye contact. Boy you chose a wrong person to play with – Trust me I was living and dying with how the comp works when at my old days at T-Mobile.. haha 🙂

Then, as a last another bomb which I just found at very last min and he didn’t tell me on data plan

Rep: sign everything over there

Me: (was reading all the details) Wait how about the data?

Rep: It is 6G with $15 per line..

Me: What? I want the free plan that will be enough

Rep: That is retired so you need to be on 6GB

So, I was feeling terrible at this moment – but just signed and paid the SIM cost and walked out. Then, made a call to customer care and changed to the plan I originally wanted (which he never checked with me)

Maybe I looked dumb Asian not knowing what I am up for, but the most crazy thing is this all happened at the Microsoft campus store. I totally cannot believe this as a proud alumni of the company…?! BTW I checked & remember your name on the badge..

사기를 칠려면 상대를 보고 사기를 치세요… 참나…내가 나름 그 회사에서 영업 보상 체계/Sales Rep 정책을 몇년동안 한 사람인데 쌍팔년도 딜러들이 사기쳐 먹던 방식을 써먹는 Sales Rep이 있어 한대 칠려다 말았다…아직 아는 사람들도 많은데 확 reporting해버릴까?

아니면 지금 T-Mobile CEO twitter에 써버릴까?ㅎㅎㅎ (티워터 매니아임..)




LG V10


After 2 years and 9 months of Windows phone journey, back to Android – but trying my best effort not to donate everything to evil company though.

Other than one scary blue screen, looks good – had to install a lot of Apps again with scratching my head to bring back memories 🙂  Starbucks, Mint, Office, Nest, Chase – Ah I can do mobile banking again!!!

Phone design looks decent especially

  • Dual screen experience is better than I thought – pretty useful actually (finding where to set up is hard :))
  • Pointer finger/backside button control – This was originally tried by Motorola in years before and adopted by LG in recent models, but

존경하지 마다않는 모 형님께서 테스트용으로 하사해주셔서 거의 3년만에 안드로이드로 복귀(?) 했다. 뭐 Win10폰은 정말 훌륭하게 보였지만, 공식 release는 at&t만 나오는 관계로 나랑 상관 없겠구나라고 생각할 때 하사를 받아 전격 이동.. 🙂

정말 아름답게 만든 폰인듯… 듀얼스크린은 – 아무도 기억 못하겠지만 예전에 dual screen display는 있었음 (LG Flip Smartphone)… – 어려운 숙제를 어쨌건 해결해서 제출한 분위기이나 생각보다 괜찮음..

한가지 아쉬운건 카메라 버튼은 있는게 좋지 않을까란 생각을 해봤음…


Samsung Galaxy Note 3


Finally, bought Galaxy Note 3. Amazing devices, and 30 min of work to set up for my wife made my lovely ATIV S look so tiny and old-fashioned..

Beautifully designed sold square look and fast processer with tons of software loaded into. Feels like some of the softwares are still useless but I do see Samsung’s effort to differentiate the device with lots of nice softwares/applications. (i.e Galaxy to Galaxy migration app worked beautifully smooth..)

Anyhow, the take for me was – now I got a “small android ablet” called Samsung Galaxy 1 in my hand… 🙂


T-Mobile LTE!

Has been noticing LTE mark showing up on my new phone about a week or two ago when the bus passes Factoria in Bellevue, and as the spot was very limited, and obviously looks like there are some handover issues between networks – wasn’t able to connect smoothly and do the real test on how LTE works on phone in running buses.

Finally, had a chance to do the quick test at QFC factoria.. it is much faster than HSPA+… and my new phone gets it well so my fingers are crossed for quick expansion/stablization of LTE network