T-Mobile’s Seattle Speed Challenge: $1,000 says the Galaxy S™ 4G is faster than your iPhone®.

Nice approach… as one of the challenger game …starting this Friday, today, till end of Sunday….

Definitely worthwhile to try, but I am curious how many iPhone users will show up and do test to try to claim the money…. iPhone users don’t care about the speed, don’t care about the rateplan, and don’t care about anything other than the fact it is a iPhone!!!
(Anyhow, this test will do validate it)

Poor and somewhat sad analogy-if this hold true-, but hope this is not the case of insisting Wal-Mart is much better than Costco to loyal people shopping at Costco…

BTW, one funny extension is this news is showing up in Korean press as well but more twisted to how great Samsung’s Galaxy S device is… (No complaints because more Korean will recognize the company I work for, but thought this is a bit crossing over the line… )



Mercerdale Park Easter Egg Catching @Mercer Island

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Catch the eggs!
@Mercerdale Park, Mercer Island

2min Review: Sidekick 4G

Maybe I am getting a little bit older….. scratching my head to understand what the guys raps about..:(

Had a privilege to play with this device for 2 mins in last month. In short conclusion, don’t be fooled with name of “Sidekick” but this is practically the android with keyboard from Samsung…


Walking to Work

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After having sent our family minivan to repair shop, just decided to test walking to/from work.
25 min on each leg, which was pretty refreshing!!