Mercurys Coffee Co. Bellevue


This must be Mercurys’ version of “Reserve” shop in Bellevue..

아끼는 동네 Coffee 부띠끄중 하나인 Mercurys Coffee Co가 벨뷰 520 근처에 매장을 열었는데 아예 작당을 하고 flagship store같이 만들어놨다..ㅎㅎ 밖에서 보기엔 커피 매장치곤 너무 크다라고 생각했는데 안에 와보니 아예 공장을 차려놓으셨구랴….




Bohemian Rhapsody


Bohemian Rhapsody – nice movie to bring me back to years of memories. Although I don’t like the biographical films – sick of hearing this is wrong, that is not exactly true..etc.

보헤미안 렙소디 관람.. 얼마만에 영화관에서 본 애들 없이 본 영화였는지..ㅎㅎㅎ ..  1992년에 돈모아서 2 tape로 된 Queen Live at Wembley 86샀던 기억/추억돗게 만든 영화… 좀 의외였던건 미국 관객들은 대부분 나이가 지극하신 사람들이었다..





































Coffee Milk


This milk pack crossed 2 boarders to land at my home into my stomach…

우리집 주인님이 윗나라 출타갔다오시면서 업어오신 캐나다에 수출한 서울 우유… 결국 국경 두개 넘으신 우유되시겠다..허나 정사면체 삼각팩이 아니므로 무효..


Seattle Mariners Blow Out Sale


다 가져다 팔아버리라우…

Maybe Seattle Mariners is becoming more like a Padres/Marlins or path to a tanking season….

  • #1 Pitcher: Paxton to Yankees
  • Starting catcher and former first round #3 pick: Zunino to Rays
  • Second baseman: Cano to Mets
  • Allstar game MVP Shortstop: Segura to Phillies
  • #1 Closer in the league: to Mets
  • Old & New 8th Inning Setup : Nicasio /Colome to Phillies/White Sox
  • Only reliable Lefty Bullpen: Pazos to Phillies
  • Utility outfielder: Heredia to Rays
  • LF outfielder: Span to Free Agent
  • DH Cruz will likely retire or at least not coming back to Seattle

One thing sure is Mariners shop will have a blow out jersey sales – I am pretty sure ~80% of their jersey inventories needs a fire sales…