Short Return to familiar but strange history from now…Ann Arbor!

Made a short hop-over trip to Ann Arbor, on the way returning to home. Back to AA for the first time in last 3.5 Years!

Everything was there as expected but there were some new business school building,

* DTW Airport

Maybe I have been here couple of times in my dream….For me, business school student at airport has always meant either being nervous or frustrating or refreshing…Anyhow everything has started from here and ended at here… The small food court just out of security check point I always grabbed BK at last min before the flight on the way to gate was still there….
@McNamara Terminal, DTW Airport

*B-School old and new

Krisege Library!!!! Countless hours during 2 years at there..had lots of feelings during my 30 min sitting at there.. 🙂 New building was great to watch, spectacular look and state of the art facilities but gave me a feeling “you don’t belong here”…. 🙂

@ Krisege Library & Winter Garden? in Business School

* Tree, Tree, and Tree

@ Gallup Park, Ann Arbor

@ Business School Court Yard

@Ponds at Georgetown

Tree at Gallup Park, B-School court, and Ponds at Georgetown…..

Biggest lesson or reminder I got from this emotional visit was…Yes the fact… that I was not afraid of anything during those old days…

and finally after a sleep in returning early morning flight….returned to scenery of the following..

Cascade Mountains

Back to “normal” now… As old Chinese saying, Life is like a sweet nap in Spring….一場春夢


Another change from Starbucks..

Another interesting move by Starbucks… in terms of cup design…anyhow…
When I first arrived at Seattle, the news on Starbucks were all bad.. struggling, closing the stores, etc… and exCEO, Howard Schultz, was brought back into the Green kingdom as a savior to its business by stressing the core of their business…
and there was an interesting article from businessweek…Howard Schultz vs. Howard Schultz
His leadership style is pretty interesting…