회사옆팀 사람이 추천해줘서 그냥 믿고 주문해봤는데 벨뷰에도 이런데가 있다니.. 급의 숨겨진 보석급 버거하우스다..ㅎㅎㅎ 폭풍흡입관계로 사진은 봉투만..ㅎㅎㅎ

Wow another jewel burger shop/joint find – thanks to team’s meal place sharing 🙂 Loved their Teriyaki burger.. 🙂 but only have a pic of their bag – disappeared too fast before I grabbed my phone

Voted Best Burgers in Bellevue WA : Wibbley’s (wibbleys.com)


Potbelly’s ‘Big Deal’

Potbelly’s ‘Big Deal’ 4 big Subs, 4 bags of chips and 4 cookies.. all about $30 – big enough to feed family of four – including two ‘always hungry middle schoolers’ and even lasted till dinner so it was not a bad deal.. 🙂

오랜만에 다시 나선 코로나 한끼 사냥 – 삼식이로 살면 가정의 평화에 문제가 생기기에 여기저기서 사다 나르는 중 눈에 걸린 Potbelly로 시도… 뭐 폭식 중딩남 둘이 있는데 이걸로 다 못먹었으니 나름 성공이다…


Sausage-Fish Cake

Originally, Sausage-Rice cake-Fish cake but since I don’t have Rice cake so end up making Sausage-Fish cake.. but as 90% of this is sauce, this worked perfectly. As usual Paik’s YouTube worked well (우리집이 휴게소 ‘소떡어떡’ – YouTube)

소떡소떡이 소어소어가 되었는데 맛은 여전히 훌륭…. 백선생님 만세! 우리집이 휴게소 ‘소떡어떡’ – YouTube


Xbox Controller Chocolate Version

One of the item in team’s holiday gift basket – Yes it is 1:1 or real size… lit?!

I am still wondering how I can eat this up – and actually looks very rich and delicious so simply keeping this seems to be a silly way – I saw some folks’ case of cutting off, melting – maybe I need a hammer to break into pieces.. 🙂

Also, now, part of me is saying I should be thankful that this is not a console size chocolate… Maybe part of this item’s intention is making people to be thankful 🙂

회사 연말 선물 배스킷에 들어있던 품목중 하나인 실사 컨트롤러 초코렛… 엄청 맛있어 보이는데 어떻게 먹어야 할지는 말그대로 초난감.. 한편 실사판 콘솔을 안준걸로 감사해야할듯 싶다..


Stir Fried Thin Pork Belly /대패 삼겹살 두루치기

대패 삼겹살 두루치기 역시나 백선생님 비디오를 보고 연구해서 시도.. 집에서도 식당 비스무리하게 맛을 낼수 있다는게 신기..ㅎㅎㅎ 정말이지 이런 집돌이 생활 빽샘 유투브 없었으면 어쩔…

대패 두루치기 ‘나만의 비법 소스’ 알려드릴게요! – YouTube

Another usual restaurant food hack with Chef Paik’s recipe at home. This pandemic would have been worse without Youtube…