Sausage-Fish Cake

Originally, Sausage-Rice cake-Fish cake but since I don’t have Rice cake so end up making Sausage-Fish cake.. but as 90% of this is sauce, this worked perfectly. As usual Paik’s YouTube worked well (우리집이 휴게소 ‘소떡어떡’ – YouTube)

소떡소떡이 소어소어가 되었는데 맛은 여전히 훌륭…. 백선생님 만세! 우리집이 휴게소 ‘소떡어떡’ – YouTube


Surviving the Mount St. Helens Disaster

Nice documentary on Mt St. Helens from National Geographic (from Disney Plus)- how it happened and how it affected people around it.. I don’t remember anything on this but I do remember I saw the exploding mountains in TV & news as a kid…and now I live 3 hours from that mountain now.. 🙂

일부 비디오와 사진들을 3D 영상으로 재현한 재앙의 재구성..


In Search of Greatness

One of the great documentary from Amazon Prime Video- mostly interviews with Wayne Gretzky, Jerry Rice, and Pele (plus some other great achievers) Made me think a lot especially the last word from Gretzky – It is a combination of luck and will..

아마존 비디오에서 발견한 보석 하나더.. Gretzky의 마지막 말…. You are going to find a way to make it..It is a combination of luck and will…


Xbox Controller Chocolate Version

One of the item in team’s holiday gift basket – Yes it is 1:1 or real size… lit?!

I am still wondering how I can eat this up – and actually looks very rich and delicious so simply keeping this seems to be a silly way – I saw some folks’ case of cutting off, melting – maybe I need a hammer to break into pieces.. 🙂

Also, now, part of me is saying I should be thankful that this is not a console size chocolate… Maybe part of this item’s intention is making people to be thankful 🙂

회사 연말 선물 배스킷에 들어있던 품목중 하나인 실사 컨트롤러 초코렛… 엄청 맛있어 보이는데 어떻게 먹어야 할지는 말그대로 초난감.. 한편 실사판 콘솔을 안준걸로 감사해야할듯 싶다..


Lenovo Ideapad S340

올해도 Laptop을 하나 사야 해서 고르고 고르다가 그냥 저렴한 Ideapad로 질렀다..

뭐 Intel i7에 8G Ram이 좀 아쉽기는 하지만 256 SSD 대충 500불에 i7구한다는 생각엔 뭐 그냥 무난한듯… 애처롭기까지한 Cortana가 목소리 높여 열심히 setup가이드를 해주는데 눈물이 주루룩…ㅎㅎㅎ

Another Thanksgiving/Black Friday purchase – Lenovo Ideapad S340 – do not like this 100% but maybe the only Intel i7 one with ~$500 pricing point…



Took a long time to reach another 10k – starting from mid of last year I had to broke my personal commitment of 10k/ year … but here I am with late schedules – hopefully I can do a great catch-up around the year end…

해마다 10k씩 올리려던 목표를 작년부터 바빠서 못하고 있던 와중 겨우 60k달성.. 그냥 연말에 미친듯이 달려볼까 생각도 하는중…