Seattle Westlake Office


Look! The smily face is still there at 5th floor 🙂

지난주 작은 녀석 여권 갱신차 오랜만에 Seattle에 들어가주시면서 옛날 사무실이었던 Westlake office를 지나갔다. 옛날 내자리 창가에 붙여놨던 Post it 작품은 아직 누가 떼지는 않았네? ㅎㅎ


Bye Westlake/SLU Seattle Office!




지난 3년간 미운정 고운정 들었던 Seattle 사무실, 뭐 어찌되었던 앞으로도 계속 일주일에 최소 한 두번은 오겠지만, 부서 사무실 재배치의 일환으로 Seattle Office 자리를 공식적으로 “뺐다”

나름 영역표시한다고 Building 5층 창가에 붙여놨던 Sticky Notes Smily Face는 어떻게 할까하다가 그냥 놔두고 왔다.. 🙂 I will see till when that smiley face will remain at there…

Bye SLU!



Tarragon Chicken Salad Wrap from Whole Foods


몇일전 장고끝에 악수까지는 아니지만 점심 뭐 먹을까 하고 뭐가 저렴할까 뭐가 맛있을까 하면서 South Lake Union을 10여분은 방황하다가 Whole Foods에서 사왔음..

내린 결론은 그냥 생각 없을 때는 Jimmy Johns나 Chipotle라 가는것으로 결론! 아님 그냥 굶던가 해야지…ㅎㅎ


Hot Cowboy Ranch Burger from Blue Moon Burgers – Burger of the month of June 2014


Another BoM (Burger of Month) trial from Blue Moon Burger.

It says…

We are taking a toasted Brioche Bun, putting down a slide of our housemade Ranch, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, 1/3lb Premium Beef Patty, melted Cheddar Cheese, Cherry Wood Smoked Bacon, fresh Jalapeño slices and topped off with BBQ Sauce.

Actually this one tasted great – a bit worried about Jalapeño but it was not hot but just fresh enough.



206 Cheesestake Burger at Blue Moon Burger


As a big fan of Philly Cheese Steak, I had a huge expectation when I saw this 206 Cheesestake as a special menu at Blue Moon.

Well – overall not bad- but not so fascinating either. I still believe the best of any kind of  Philly Cheese Steak I had was actually the one in DC, Georgetown back in 1999. And, I had only been to Philladelpiha once for a half day only when I was a hungry college student – McDonald’s was enought at then, so didn’t have any chance to taste Philly Cheese steak in Philly. 🙂