Great book on how Starbucks got out of jam during the turbulence and how the leader thought and acted. Maybe one of the best business book I have read after “Who says elephants can’t dance?”

보통 도서관에서 책을 자주 빌리지는 않는데 어쩌다 도서관에서 눈에 들어와 빌려 읽은 책… 나름 동네회사인지라 동네지인들로 부터 건너 들어서 친숙한 이야기도 있고 해서 술술 읽어갔다.. 한편 “독일 경영진이 쳐들어오기전 까지 Soul로 돌아갔던 회사”를 다녔던 경험과 “영혼은 그닥 중요하지 않게 생각하는 팀/회사”에서 일하는 나를 보면서 많은 비교와 생각을 했던거 같다… 🙂




Zero to One by Peter Thiel


Nice read on various topics reflecting Peter Thiel’s thought and his thinking process. The downside of book is it doesn’t tell anything about how (how would you even expect to have hows by just reading a book) the tones & stances are somewhat different chapter by chapter and those combined doesn’t seem to fit well.

Anyhow, good & solid  read, but glad it is not like $30-$40 book 🙂 but kind of thing on how Peter Thiel views on business is pretty much well known if anyone has been following some articles in news & megazines.

뭐 말그대로 잘읽었고.. 마냥 새로운건 없는듯.. 소문난 잔치 건질게 많지 않듯이.. 내가 궁금한건 Paypal에 묻지마식으로 투자한 한국 투자주체는 누구였을까? 🙂