Disney California Adventure


One more day of Disney… didn’t know picking up the Fast Pass of Radiator Springs Racers was a good idea or not (picked up at 9:30 AM and got 6:45 PM Fast Pass) but turned out to be saving tons of hours (stand by waiting time 240 min?!!)

근데 첫번째 사진은 옛날 컨설팅시절 제안서 표지에서 본듯한 풍경이다..ㅎㅎ


Disneyland Park Los Angeles


Another day of getting killed in line.. started with line at parking lot to park shuttle, security check, entrance and numerous rides 🙂

Space Mountain 85 min, Bobsled 90 min, Indiana Jones 90 min, Star Tour 60 min… 🙂

기다림의 끝판왕 디즈니 도착… 12시 폐장까지 버티다 왔으니 성공?



Trip to LA: LA Disneyland

After 29 years since last visit…finally revisited LA Disneyland…
Had a fun ride, especially being on a car driven by my son as I did for my dad back in 29 years ago, kids loved to be out there…
Thougt we need to come down often if condition permits…
🙂 Disney is always fun…
@Disneyland California, Anaheim, CA