Hawaiian Shave Ice


How much of food colors did we take? – Should be fine as it tasted great at Uncle’s Shave Ice @Lihue

색소 얼마나 먹었을꼬? ㅎㅎㅎ 맛있었으니 됬음…ㅎ


Malasada & Bakeries: Kauai Bakery


으하하.. 동네 빵가게를 아침부터 관광객이 터는 분위기 연출..-.-; 맛진 빵들 마구 섭취…

Ordering box load of bakeries at local shop at morning and making them wonder “where these guys come from?” was fun… but most of all, tasted great!


Salt Pond Beach


Poipu Beach쪽에 비가 좀 내려서 어떻게 할까 하다가 비를 피해 서쪽으로 이동해서 간 Eleele/Hanapepe라는 곳의 Salt Pond Beach.. 애들은 fish를 봤다하니 임무완료… Beach의 주인은 역시 닭들..

Landed at here while journeying to beach where it didn’t rain.. was not a perfect weather for snorkeling but quiet beach and kids said they saw plentiful of fishes so mission accomplished. 🙂

and there were tons of roosters owning the beach..




Loco Moco at Da Booze Shop


Late but great lunch after tougher-than-expected hike at Waimea. Located in front of James Cook monument.. (Right – this island was “found” by famous Captain James Cook…:))

Interesting & confusing shop name while shop is saying they don’t sell any alcohol after ‘accepting Jesus with hearts’ 🙂 whatever… Loco Moco tasted very fresh and tasty.

생각보다 빡센  Canyon질을 하고 배고파서 무작정 들어간 진짜 동네 가게….맛진 하와이 음식 폭풍 섭취…ㅎㅎ

가게 이름이 “술집”인데 사연인 즉슨 리커샵 인수했다가, 음식도 팔기 시작하다가, 교회 다닌 이후론 술은 아예 안판다고 카운터에 크게 써주셨음..ㅎㅎ (그냥 가게 이름을 바꾸지.. 나같은 가족 데리고 가는 외지인은 의심스런 심정으로 들어갔음….ㅎㅎ)