Miami Beach, Florida


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역시 8년전 수박겉핥기로 밤에만 보고간 Miami Beach의 South Beach, 역시나 또 겉핥기로 지나쳐가지만 짱짱한 날씨의 낮에 가봤다. 물이 옥색빛이네….햐..



Crazy Driving One Day trip from Orlando to Daytona Beach to Miami to Orlando


🙂 🙂 This is the reason why everybody needs to read the map one more time before taking off. 🙂

It all started with stupid mistake/thought ..”I think Miami is just 3 hours from Daytona Beach” :), and we end up coming back to hotel at 3:00 AM 🙂

But enjoyed driving over the beach sand at Daytona & drive along the Atlantic and saw the neon signs in Miami Beach in all one day.. 🙂

Orlando to Daytona Beach: I-4 East to I-95 North to FL-A1A South

Daytona Beach to Miami Beach to Orlando : I-95 South to I-395 East to I-195 West to I-95 North to Florida’s Turnpike to FL-528

정말이지 알고는 못할 미친짓 완료… 지도/계산 잘못해서 Daytona가 Miami하고 가까운줄 알아서 까지것 Orlando에서 한방에 다 몰아치지 하다가 결국 새벽까지 운전했다..