Meet Fresh: Shaved Ice

이번 여름 요긴하게 우리가족살려줬던 대만식 빙수… 맛에서 아쉬운건 우유빙수가 아니라는 거지만 우유 분해 효소가 없는 나에겐 딱좋았다…ㅎㅎ

The savior of my families in this Summer was from Taiwanese Shaved Ice deserts from Meet Fresh


Shaved Ice in Seoul



This is one of the item I had a big expectation upon arrival at Seoul – taking nice tasting “Red Bean Shaved Ice” but reality was I could have been treated as a spy from North if I asked “Red Bean” Shaved Ice, since there were so many variaties in Sahved Ices..

정말이지 팥빙수를 찾았다면 간첩으로 오인받았을게다…

– English Breakfast Shaved Ice from Twosome Place
– Blueberry Shaved Ice from Coffine Gurunaru