Silicon Valley Key Chain


Item acquired from last trip at San Jose Airport. Thought it got the right points of different-but-looks-similar cities. There are tons of smart/creative people in the world..

지난 번 여행의 득템… 아무 생각없이 보다가 재미있는 듯하여 산호세 공항에서 샀다. 이 디자인을 줘어짠 사람은 얼마나 고생했을까? 🙂


AS200 Flight from Seattle to San Jose


어여 10년전 비정규직 외국인 알바 학생 신분으로 석 달 살았던 어줍짢은 경험을 바탕으로, 샌프란시스코 구경을 못해 보신 부모님의 가이드로 나서, “주말을 이용한 번갯불 콩볶아 먹기+수박 겉핥기표” 샌프란시스코 여행을 다녀왔다.

당연히 취지에 맞게… 비용최소화를 위해 토요일 아침 꼭두 새벽-사실상 한밤 중-에 공항으로 가서 에스키모 항공 산호세행 비행기에 올라타, 대충 5년만에 산호세로 출동… 그러고 보니 산호세에서 보낸 여름도 강산이 한번은 바뀌었구나…ㅎㅎ

Hi, California.. has been a while…

Took a Saturday “West coast red eye” flight to San Jose for being-a-good-son trip with my parents.



Atrica. Inc.

Yes it is the company I interned during this summer.

I believe I had a great time here, first of all, learned valuable lessons during my MBA course.. and also the great opportunity to learn about technology company (both good and bad)

The most impressive thing I am taking in my heart is the fact this experience shed light on both what I really want to do and what I can really do. Thank you all for great experience, and I will do surely miss this place. (and the dynamic environment of Valley and beautiful weather)

Also, I wish this company will be successful in its future whereever it lands! 🙂

As the great coach Hiddink said… So Long, and not good bye!



Small quake jolts south Santa Clara County
By Yomi S. Wronge
Mercury News
South Santa Clara County residents greeted the morning with a jolt, a small 4.7-magnitude earthquake centered six miles east of San Martin.
The shock, which hit at 5:24 a.m., lasted a few seconds and was felt as far south as King City and as far north as the Golden Gate Bridge, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.
Since then, there have been at least six small aftershocks, the largest registering 2.5 magnitude, that probably went unnoticed by most.
“If people are in a quiet Location free of vibration and noise they can feel something smaller,” said John Bellini, a geophysicist with the USGS in Golden Colorado.

Police in nearby Morgan Hill say there have been no reports of injuries or damage.

오늘 아침에 코올코올 자는새 지진이 살짝 지나갔덴다..-o-;

전혀 못느겼다…=.=;;;;;;

그래서인지 하숙집 할머니가 말씀안해주셨음 전혀 모를뻔했다.. 뉴스도 전국뉴스엔 나오지도 않았고…-.-;;;

잘때는 업어가도 모를듯…T_T;



First weekend during Internship: Driving around the Valley

뭐 세삼 예상은 했지만서도.. 괜시리 길이름이 Spanish로 되어 있으니 괜히 므흣? 하다… 새로들어간 하숙집도 있고, 회사도 가깝고 무엇 보다 한인타운이 있는 El Camino Real..

Although having talked to myself ‘This is different town’ multiples time, but everything looks so different at California. One good thing is -despite Spanish name of El Camino Real- everything Korean is at this street. 🙂

나름 internship 고민할 때 많이 도움준 친구가 불러내서.. (나름 이동네에서 좀 산 녀석이라..) 일대 구경시켜줬다..  Santana Row


Stanford.. 우와 6년전 여기 출장 왔을 때 내가 이렇게 올줄은 상상도 못했는데…

Wow never thought I will be around Stanford when I first visited here 6 years ago during the business trip..