Brown Sugar Latte/黑糖라떼


얼마전에 장보다가 신기해서 사고 정확한 물량에 하라는데로 했는데 표지사진과는 아주 다르게 저렇게 나왔다.. 맛도 밍밍… 어이가 없어 자세히 봤더니 “본 이미지는 실제와 다를 수 있습니다”.. 이정도면 “본 이미지와 실제는 아주 다릅니다”가 되어야 하지 않을까…

Picked up from H-Mart with curiosity +fascination with how the tea looked on box’s cover picture.

Followed the exact amount of water and other things required and got something more like a yellow sugar juice.. 😦 wondering where the hack is latte then I found a warning/disclaimer words saying “This cover image can be different than what you make”

Well I think they should change that wordings to “The cover image IS EXTREMELY different than what you make”