iPhone 4S?

Sorry Apple but looks like you are running out of gas for innovation..

* Dual-core A5 chip: Dual core is already a standard on high end smartphones…
* Camera and optics: Sorry again…standard
* iOS5 and iCloud: Android is there and cloud is already available thru various applications
* Siri: ……and “There is a app for that” as well…

So other than the fact what it does as “Baseband chip” work both on GSM and CDMA, I don’t see anything hot in here.. (But if someone is already with GSM, what does having CDMA mean?)

Is this signaling Apple is running out of gas for innovation or something “quantum jump” is awaiting? (in junction with all the patent affairs….) or is this following the classic path of Apple II vs. IBM compatibles?.. These folks should have at least upgrade their look and feels (i.e. display size)

Sorry, I don’t feel anything special with iPhone, and feel happy around Samsung and HTC smartphones I have been using…and sad news for people who were holding their decisions with expectation of something big from this version and Sprint who put its future of its business with this iPhone release…


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