Great movie – gave me a big frustration that…

– There are some humans whose creativity is at God’s level..

– Also, some of those creative God level folks are also super smart in Science and Technology.

– I shouldn’t have a big diet coke with the movie: biting my nails at last 10 min of the movie..


All in all, fantastic work from very detail oriented director and great actors. I want to understand the brain structure of the people who created this story….

Must see with IMAX – the scenes of the movie are B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.


끝까지 이해 안되는 것 하나.. 왜 아빠는 결국에는 Stay 신호도 보낼거였으면서 왜 옥수수밭의 지표를 찍어줬을까? (딸을 보고야 말겠다는 의지때문이었나?)

훌륭한 영화이지만 한편 나같이 무식하고 단순하고 멍청한 사람은 정말살기 힘든 세상이로구나..ㅎㅎㅎ는 생각과 함께 곧 개봉하는 딱 내 수준인 Dumb and Dumber To를 보며 행복을 느껴야겠다고 다짐…



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