Bellingham International Airport


Good Price Hunting landed me to visit Bellingham Airport (aka South Vancouver.. 🙂 ) – a perfect Southwest model airport – small & less-crowded airport. 2 pics above shows all the airport – single floor departure and arrival. So this airport maybe the smallest airport – with only 5 gates- I have ever been to (even smaller than Long Beach airport in LA)

But, very clean and “looks like recently renovated” airport and smooth (thanks to no crowd) check-in & security process and quick boarding (there is no ramp at the gate – you just walk up) no wait during any process 🙂 Definitely worth of 2 hours drive if you have price bargain when compared to departing from Seattle.

아이들 학교 mid winter break를 맞이하여 가는 여행일정을 짜면서, 비행기 표값 아낄려고 모험하듯 예약한 벨링헴 공항 출발 – 대박 성공이다.. 비록 집에서 2시간 운전해서 가야하지만 (집에서 Seattle 공항까지는 25분) ZERO waiting on everything.. 🙂 진짜로 하나도 안기다렸다.. 발권부터 검색대 그리고 탑승까지.. 표값이 괜찮다면 시애틀에 사는 사람에겐 물론이거니와 (세상에 주차도 공항내나 외나 엄청 싸다..-_-) 벤쿠버에선 must로 고려해야하는 공항으로 강추..




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