Interesting conversation with T-Mobile Retail Store Rep

Well.. it was a funny discussion – “know your enemy if you are trying poke something”..

I went to T-Mobile store at company’s campus and this is how the conversation went..

Me: I want to add 2 lines on my account

Rep: How long will you have it?

Me: not sure but maybe 2-3 months for the visitors?

Rep: Then, why don’t you go with prepaid with $50 per line?

This was the moment I felt this guy was trying to make crap out of me, but I smiled (nice and reasonable try so far..)

  • $20 for 2 line with basic data vs $100 for similar (maybe more data?)
  • Well, obviously I am on Microsoft discount plan and I am clever enough to know prepaid doesn’t qualify for that while my postpaid gets discount..

Then, this guy threw another bomb – and started to make me think the integrity of this guy – at me by saying if I go to prepaid he can waive the activation fee.

  • Well I am again clever enough to know there is no activation fee in Prepaid
  • BTW there is no Activation fee at all maybe just SIM kit fee
  • He said it is hard to get 2 lines cancel after 3 month and you need to have the line active for 120 days.. WTF – this is so 90s tactic done by spooky dealers I knew in past..

So, I was wondering whether I should reveal my background or shout back to his bullshit that he is talking commission charge back. Anyhow I simply started at him for a moment & other reps…and everybody was avoiding my eye contact. Boy you chose a wrong person to play with – Trust me I was living and dying with how the comp works when at my old days at T-Mobile.. haha 🙂

Then, as a last another bomb which I just found at very last min and he didn’t tell me on data plan

Rep: sign everything over there

Me: (was reading all the details) Wait how about the data?

Rep: It is 6G with $15 per line..

Me: What? I want the free plan that will be enough

Rep: That is retired so you need to be on 6GB

So, I was feeling terrible at this moment – but just signed and paid the SIM cost and walked out. Then, made a call to customer care and changed to the plan I originally wanted (which he never checked with me)

Maybe I looked dumb Asian not knowing what I am up for, but the most crazy thing is this all happened at the Microsoft campus store. I totally cannot believe this as a proud alumni of the company…?! BTW I checked & remember your name on the badge..

사기를 칠려면 상대를 보고 사기를 치세요… 참나…내가 나름 그 회사에서 영업 보상 체계/Sales Rep 정책을 몇년동안 한 사람인데 쌍팔년도 딜러들이 사기쳐 먹던 방식을 써먹는 Sales Rep이 있어 한대 칠려다 말았다…아직 아는 사람들도 많은데 확 reporting해버릴까?

아니면 지금 T-Mobile CEO twitter에 써버릴까?ㅎㅎㅎ (티워터 매니아임..)




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