Layoff & Online Media Advertising

Today was a bit of tough day at work – slightly different to initial rumors or communications, I learnt some of my immediate colleagues were being asked to look for new chapter in the work. Well, some things can happen and it also can happen to any one at any time, so this should be one of the moment for all to “continue the show”

However, one moment that really bothered me the most was when I was scrolling down my facebook app and noticing some obviously targeted advertisings. Don’t get me wrong, as I worked for online media business for few years, I totally get the fact that this is a perfect moment to pitch the service and especially via facebook – where people tend to be truthful on their work profile – with “target” company’s employees. But, I think, at least, the expressions or wordings on ads might have crossed the line a bit to targeted audience.

I strongly believe this is not a good way to promote things – especially taking advantage of other’s challenges – Would anyone love these ads if that person realizes these ads are targeting that person’s pains with direct words?  This was a World Taekwondo Federation moment…

Personally, I think they should have toned down on their expressions or pretended they have not targeted specific companies at least on the words in ad.

Small attention to details can make big difference…

요 몇일 인력 조정과 관련하여 회사 주위가 떠들썩했고 예상과는 약간 다르게 우리 조직도 영향을 받았다. 뭐 이제 미국 직장 생활 10년차 – 이런일에 쉽게 놀라지도 않을 정도로 심장에는 굳은살이 하나둘씩 생기고 있다.

허나 눈쌀 찌뿌러트리게 만든건 누가 봐도 내가 이 회사 직원이라고 facebook에 써놨기 때문에 그걸 바탕으로 targeting된 광고를 뿌리는 회사들이 었다는 점…. Targeting이 나쁘다는게 아니다. 단, 적어도 이런 “안좋은 소식”과 관련해서 target할때는 최소한 target해서 뿌린다는 인상을 주지는 말아야 하지 않을까? 내가 직접 당사자였다면 지금 느끼는 불쾌함보다는 수천배 더 불쾌했을 것 같다. “내가 짤리니 좋니?”

고객 설문조사할 때 잘 작성된 설문지들은 다 타겟을 정하고 설문을 하는걸 알지만 구지 모르는 척 티를 내고 설문을 한다.. 그런 소소한 섬세함이 아쉬우면서 무서운 세상이다…





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