The Fortune Cookie Chronicles


Nice book on food, Chinese restaurants in US, immigration histories.

I have always thought Fortune Cookie is very similar to Japanese Senbei..  and this book nailed it off. And, also, I have to admit I was a fan of “Manhattan style Chinese Foods” -as it is marketed in Seoul- as the writer calls out as one interesting thing happening in the world..

(Well I don’t have the fantasy of “Manhattan” but these US Chinese food brings me the memories of cold & hungry times at Ames, Iowa…)

경환이형 추천으로 끝낸 올해의 첫독서..ㅎㅎㅎ 재미있게 읽었다.. 한국 Ho Lee Chow이야기도 나오고.. 홍콩에서 먹은 첫 중국 음식이 미국에서 먹었던 메뉴하고 너무나 달랐던게 왜일까 하는 생각…  (아직 대륙은 가본적이 없다능… ) 항상 궁금해했던 포츈쿠키가 센베랑 비슷하다는 개인적 가설, 미국의 아시안 이민 관련 근대사 등등을 검증해신 책 되시겠습니다..


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