Jumanji: The Next Level


사실 오락적인 재미로 치자면 이게 Star Wars보다 더 좋긴했음…ㅎㅎ  명불허전의 Jack Black, Kevin Hart 게다가 갑빠왕인 Dwayne Johnson까지…

애들이 보고싶어해서 아침에 전편 온라인으로 사보고 저녁에 후속편 감상까지..-.-; Jumanji로 시작해서 Jumanji로 끝난 하루..

Now recalling the movies I watched during Holidays, this one had more entertainment factors than Star Wars -w.r.t pure entertainment perspective. Started the morning with on-demand movie at home on previous version and finished the day at the movie theater. Day started and finished with Jumanji.



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