Samish Bay – Taylor Shellfish Farms


보통 1-2년에 한번은 미친듯이 석화 먹는날을 가진다…뭐 돈 벌어야한다는 건 이해가 간다만 옛날처럼 굴을 사서 자유롭게 그 옆에서 구워먹고 까먹게 하던 시스템이 좋았다란 생각만 가득이다..

Annual or Bi-annual crazy oyster eating day..

Well I do understand, the farm needs to run the business for profit purpose, but I do miss the old days when everyone was welcome to do the charcoal grill and freely eat at open tables next to the shop. (Now, those tables are closed ‘restaurant table’ area and you cannot do the grilling at all)




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