Wing Stop All-In-Bundle

Has been a while so did another round of Covid19 Family Meal deal hunting – 16 boneless wings and 6 crispy tenders with up to 4 flavors, large fries, and 3 dips. (Feeds 3-4) at $19.99 – Good deal although it is boneless wings or tender only tough.. (so had to add one bonein set with additional ~$5)

오랜만에 시도한 코로나 Family Meal 딜 헌팅 – 이번엔 윙스탑에서 헌팅 성공.. 뭐 20불에 16개에 프라이 까지 주니 거기다 필요한거 한두개 첨부하면 괜찮은 딜인듯하다..


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