Hapa Food Co. food truck at Bellevue

Never imagined but the best Hawaiian food I found at continental US – at least for Garlic Butter Shrimp – was actually near my home..

15231 Lake Hills Blvd. Bellevue, WA 98007 at Samena Swim Club’s parking lot

In some sense this was even better than the taste I remember from North shore food trucks place.

우연히 동네에서 지나가다 발견하고 리뷰가 좋아서 사와본 하와이안 – 최소 저 마늘 새우는 오아후 노스쇼어에서 먹은 기억보다 좋았다..

가격은 하와이급이긴 하지만 가끔 먹기엔 충분히 훌륭…


Huli Huli Chicken from Pai’s


Another run for food truck in SLU..

Food from Pai’s named Huli Huli Chicken and as it sounds it is Hawaiian.. Well as first timer to eat any Hawaiian stuff except Hawaiian punch during childhood years, tastes like some of teriyaki, some of thai food..

So far I put this one as best truck food in SLU!