Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview Review after a week


wp_ss_20140415_0002 wp_ss_20140415_0003 wp_ss_20140415_0004



In quick summary Job well done – Now we are talking about completeness of Phone OS – still question remains on application coverages.

Windows Phone 8.1 had great user friendly features Action Center, Cortana, Calendar got improved dramatically as well as Camera applications.

The only downside I noticed with this upgrade are the breakout of game app. Now all the games which was only accessible via Game app in past are also showing up in app list- which drives me crazy becuase of my kids installing tons of games.

이제 드디어 원도우폰이 8.1업그레이드를 통해 다른 폰들과 동등한 수준의 기본 OS기능들을 정착한듯싶다. 이제 앱만 유치해주심…되는데… ^^



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