Seattle Winter Storm 2020


Stuck at home for 2 consecutive days

This used to be always once in every other 2-3 year thing but now it is becoming more like an annual thing.

Also, I totally lost any hope on City of Bellevue – Bellevue City officials hardly clear the snows if it is not at Downtown. I would like to invite them to our neighborhood and define “passable” as they claim every primary neighborhood streets are. Maybe need to petition for separated city for South Bellevue like South Bellevue, Factoria, or Newport Hills?

Maybe one positive note is that I fully utilized last winter’s snow shovel purchase which arrived after the peak of snow storm

한 2-3년에 한번씩 오던 겨울 눈폭풍이 이젠 연례행사가 되어가고 있는듯 싶다. 이틀째 집에 갇혀서 지내는 중…-.-; 근데 시에서는 도시 중심부만 치우고 정작 눈이 많이 쌓이는 우리동네 산간지역은 신경을 전혀 써주지 않으시네… 뭐 작년에 소잃고 외양간 고치는 식으로 산 눈삽 제대로 개시해주신걸로 위안(?)을 삼는다..



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