Bonderman knows he can pitch in the Majors again | News

Bonderman knows he can pitch in the Majors again | News.

Good news for Mariners & Bonderman at his hometown team which has beome known as the place of revival for veteran pitchers.

I do remember Bonderman’s great pitches and break out performance when I was in Michigan…

Please come back Tigers #38!

Jeremy Bonderman



Short Return to familiar but strange history from now…Ann Arbor!

Made a short hop-over trip to Ann Arbor, on the way returning to home. Back to AA for the first time in last 3.5 Years!

Everything was there as expected but there were some new business school building,

* DTW Airport

Maybe I have been here couple of times in my dream….For me, business school student at airport has always meant either being nervous or frustrating or refreshing…Anyhow everything has started from here and ended at here… The small food court just out of security check point I always grabbed BK at last min before the flight on the way to gate was still there….
@McNamara Terminal, DTW Airport

*B-School old and new

Krisege Library!!!! Countless hours during 2 years at there..had lots of feelings during my 30 min sitting at there.. 🙂 New building was great to watch, spectacular look and state of the art facilities but gave me a feeling “you don’t belong here”…. 🙂

@ Krisege Library & Winter Garden? in Business School

* Tree, Tree, and Tree

@ Gallup Park, Ann Arbor

@ Business School Court Yard

@Ponds at Georgetown

Tree at Gallup Park, B-School court, and Ponds at Georgetown…..

Biggest lesson or reminder I got from this emotional visit was…Yes the fact… that I was not afraid of anything during those old days…

and finally after a sleep in returning early morning flight….returned to scenery of the following..

Cascade Mountains

Back to “normal” now… As old Chinese saying, Life is like a sweet nap in Spring….一場春夢


Final Good Bye: Bye Ann Arbor, Bye Detroit Airport, and Bye Michigan

결국 Michigan을 떠나는 날이 왔다.

정말 많이 그리워할 것 같다.. 항상 대부분 초조하게만 시간 보냈던 Detroit 공항.. 왠지 안타까움이 느껴졌고-그래도 돌아다녀보니 이만큼 훌륭한 공항도 드물다-, 비행기에서 밑에 바라보는데 Ann Arbor는 눈에 선명하게 보이고.. Packard St. 도 선명하게 보이고 그 위를 지나는데 눈물 핑 돌았다..

그동안 고마웠어요!

Finally, the day departing from Michigan has come.

I guess I will be missing this town a lot. DTW McNamara terminal, where I spent lots of times with nail biting minds, but now I realize this one maybe one of the best airport terminal in the world.

While up in the air, clear view of Ann Arbor, especially Packard St, caught my eye and touched my heart…

Thank you Michigan for great memories and I will be missing you!


Going to Boston


털석…험난한 일정………. 시작부터 죽여주셨다…


* 집중 검색: 공포의 비행기표 XXX 온소지품 온같것 엄청 뒤짐 당했다…휴…-.-;

* 비행기 연착: 그래서 겨우탄 비행기는 Detroit활주로에서 거의 한시간 서있다 가주심..

* Chicago 연결편 놓침: 그러다 보니 시카고에 가서도 당연히 연결편이 없다..-.-; 강제로 다음 비행기 탑승…흑…잔혹

* Boston에서 수하물 안옴: ..게다가 짐까지 안와주셔서 리쿠르팅 트립에 청바지 입고 갔다… 아 놔..T_T

* Boston 공항에 억류당할뻔함: 마지막 비행기에다가 짐 안나온다고 기다리다 보니 공항에 사.람.이. 없.다. 헉… 택시도 없을 뻔했음…T_T


정말 구직활동 힘들다…T_T

사진은 우리를 시카고까지 태워준 미국독수리 🙂



Downtown Detroit

한 때 시대를 풍미했던 도시가 지금은 허울만 남은 꼴이 되어버렸다는 Detroit… 명색이 그래도 Greater Detoirt Area에 사는데 정작 도시 안으로는 처음 와봤다.. (뭐 다시 찾고싶은 이유는 잘 없을 듯 하기도 함..)

오래된 style의 빌딩양식들이 특이했는데..  근데, 슬픈 사실은..

– 치안이 안전한 동네는 요빌딩 보이는 일대가 전부라 하고..

– 건물들 중 건축미가 있어 보존 가치가 있는 오래된 건물들이 꽤 있으나 (18세기 약식들)은 다 비어있는 버려진 빌딩들이어서관리할 돈은 없고, 각종 사건 사고의 현장만 되고 있어 역사고 양식이고 뭐고 다 철거하려한다고 한단다..