The Field’s Park at Portland

The last stop – Portland’s Park.. Leap of Driving after this stop+dinner concluded this Spring road trip.

마지막 방문지 포틀랜드.. 사실 Seattle도 protest로 유명했지만 여기가 진짜 성지… (트럼프 시절 ‘민주당 주지사들이 있는 주는 똑바로 운영을 못해서 무정부주의자들의 난리친다라고 비난하면서 우리동네와 싸잡아 같이 지적질(?) 당한 동네인데..) 아직도 Portland시내에는 여전히 Protest가 일어나고 한편 protest가 결국은 폭력시위로 변하게 되어 도시가 많이 어두워져 이제는 편한 공원들이 가족데리고 쉴공원이 시내에 많이 없어졌다고들 한다… 뭐든 콜롬비아강을 건너 오레곤에 오면 더 강해지는 건지도…


Daytrip to Beaverton, OR – Good Open-Box Dishwasher Hunting

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Embarked a trip to Oregon to hunt for a “hard to find” Bosch Dishwasher at Washington

– There was no ideal dishwasher within our budget in Washington – only found out Sears outlet at Portland and Best Buy at Beaverton has it…

– Wondered for 1 hour during midnight to attempt or not and decided to check it out by going there: risk was returnning without any gains after hours of driving back and forth.

– Extra cost: $50-$60 Fuel+car mileage dep. plus some time and effort to drive for round trip for unknown results. (but my time is cheap). Also this means I have to haul-away the old one by myself since it is outside of “delivery & pickup”range. Also, I cannot get installation service or need to hire someone to get installed. (Thank you youtube!!…)

– Savings: $250 from buying an open box- though it has little dent, about $100 for “forced” DIY Installation – because of the reaon stated above, also around some savings for sales tax (Thank you state of Oregon!)

Extra gain is seeing/bypassing Nike’s HQ.. 🙂 hearing quite dishwasher running after 7 hours of round trip driving and 1 hour of uninstall & install DIY – priceless..