Guinness Draught Stout: Guinness Stands with America Special Edition Can

There are always Guinness beer available at Costco when it comes close to March. Yes – There are two dark beers in the world: Guinness and others. Although I am not a huge beer drinker, I miss the days I enjoyed this ‘water’ at Dublin 🙂

해마다 3월즈음이면 Guinness맥주를 갔다놓은 Costco에 또 응해주셨다. 역시 세상의 흑맥주는 Guinness와 다른 흑맥주들이 있다..정말이지 물만큼 기네스 흑맥주를 찾기 쉽던 Dublin이 기억난다 🙂


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