Chick-Fil-A To-Go


Chick-Fil-A To go pickup – store is still crowded with drive thru although dining hall is closed. (you tell the staff at the door -blocked by table- then they hand it to you at the door.)

This was a totally opposite to the case I picked up the day before at local Thai restaurant (which is the hot spot for walking traffic form T-Mobile & I used to eat at there a lot) Store was dark not many to go orders and I could see the pain of survival in the restaurant’s staff’s face..

Sadly, this Stay At Home Order is impacting restaurants totally different ways – if store is driven by car traffic, looks like it is relatively holiding okay, but if the store is dependent on nearby foot/walking traffic, this must be a nightmare..

어제 점심은 Chick Fil A에서.. pickup (Doordash로 해도되긴하는데 그래도 … 직접하는게 좋을듯해서…) 가게 문앞을 Table로 막고 online으로 주문한걸 pickup해가는 방식.. 물론 Drive Thru는 여전히 엄청나게 줄이 길다..

사실 어제는 동네 Thai집에서 pickup해서 먹었는데 (여긴 주고객이 T-mobile직원임..나도 옛날에 애용하던 가게…) 픽업하러가서 한적한 식당과 우울한 표정의 가게 직원을 보니 마음 한편이 짠했는데 Chick Fil A는 (물론 홀에는 사람이 없지만.. ) Drive Thru 여전히 꽉차있다…

Stay At Home Order는 사람들이 차로 가는 가게는 상대적으로 타격이 적은데 비해..아무래도 걸어 가는 가게는 타격이 어마어마한듯하다…



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